Keely Han, 30

Before I started my journey with GE, I was using various types of skincare products. And not to my knowing some of which are actually not suitable for my skin nature. This was the reason why my innate good skin nature had its first breakout over my twenty over years. I was very fortunate to get to know GE where their consultant did a thorough analysis for my skin problem and on all the products I was using.

I did a thorough cleansing facial treatment with GE to help with my skin problem. And I changed all my skincare products to using GE which is more suitable for my skin nature. My skin breakout situation was resolved and it did not come back as badly. Furthermore, monthly facial treatment with GE helps me in taking care and maintenance of my skin condition. My skin very quickly then improved and regain back to its good state which I’m grateful to GE!

Yes, GE’s experience is definitely unique to me because as compared to any other skincare brands that I have used and came across. Firstly, is because I have tried and experienced it myself whereby I regained my good skin nature. Next, is the formation and philosophy of GE’s products. It utilised the enzyme-based concept and its ingredients are all natural. Its philosophy is to let our own skin do the repairing and renewal work and ignite its inner glow and beauty. This philosophy is in line with my belief too as I don’t think I need more chemical-based products to be put on my skin and as human beings we are born with cell renewal ability. I feel safe too as I don’t have to be afraid of any bad chemical reaction in contact with my skin. Its skincare products are really simple and effective. It doesn’t require me to put layers of products on my face. Its product combination is really simple yet it produced the glow on my face which people around me could easily acknowledged on it.