Customer’s Feedback

Keely Han

I like all the products by Glow Elixir because it is using natural ingredients to stimulate our skin to regenerate itself bringing out it innate inner glow , with no chemicals involved


Sue Wong : Business Owner

I have gotten a facial voucher while attending an event in Takashimaya scarf styling event.The skin care Glow Elixir use natural enzyme give me the confident .I used to have saggy skin especially my right eye lid. However after the 1st time treatment, I realised my right eyelid has gotten back the balance to naturally ( No need to go under surgical knife ) Awesome, Lovely and friendly service with ambience fill  full trust on the quality product. Glow Elixir.


Lynn Lee : Financial Specialist

I really Like the Glow Elixir Cleansing Gel, the feeling is natural and refreshing .After washing my face,I could feel my skin very clean and moisturised. I also went to their beauty services which are professional. Mandy is a lovely beautician.Every time I go and will come out with radiant , trustworthy services and products .


Florence Loh : Nurse

Glow Elixir products are highly natural packed with enzymes that benefit our skin.I used to have enlarged pores, bad breakouts and recurrent white head .With Glow Elixir Home Cares Series  , my skin has significantly firmed up, pores shrink and less breakouts.


Sharon : Financial Industry

Mineral Lifting Essence Review : I feel a slight warm sensation after applying a small amount of the Essence on my face .It feels like the essence is able to improve blood circulation which makes my face radiant after using the product for some time. My face has a nice glow now and I am very happy with the result.


Charmian Chau : Student

I have been frequenting this facial salon since I was twelve and one of my all time favourite is the mineral lifting essence. It helps to clear my pores and control my oily skin, giving me a clearer and more radiant complexion .


Lina Neo : Medical Sales

I have been going to facials for 4 years and definitely a returned customer . My facial lady to go is Sharon who has been patient and effective in giving my face a deep cleanse. Also their product range is extensive and certainly produces results. My skin feels smoother and more radiant.